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QualGo Lawfirm – Mobile Application

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QualGo Law Firm Mobile app for lawyers is developed by Qualsoft and it made a revolution in the Legal Sector. QualGo Law Firm Mobile app for lawyers, an android application is a mode for easy access to all the appointments of the lawyer with their clients. A lawyer can edit, add or remove appointments with the help of this app. They can add the appointments to the device local calendar and can get notification for each appointments based on the set intervals.

QualGo Law Firm – Mobile App for Lawyers features:

1. Login Interface

  • This interface is used to verify the user.
  • Once Logged-In the user need not get this interface unless he has Logged-Off from the app.

2. Home Interface

  • Add Events
  • List Events
  • Display Calendar

3. Add Events Interface:

  • This form helps to add events for the selected date and will be visible online as well.

How QualGo Law Firm – Mobile App for Lawyers helps :

  • Syncs with the Web Application
  • Helps to add new Appointments
  • Edit & Delete Appointments
  • List View of the Appointments
  • Adding Appointments to calendar with notification
  • Retrieving Clients and appointments based on the User Logged in

Key Features

QualGo Law Firm – Mobile App for Lawyers features:

4. List View Interface:

  • This form helps to view the events for the selected date option.
  • On clicking the event list we can view a detail of the event and edit or delete the event.

5. Detail Event Interface:

  • It gives a detail view of the listed event which is selected.
  • Detail view can be used to edit or delete the event.

6. Edit Event Interface:

  • This form is helpful to Edit the event and make the necessary changes.

7. Display Calendar:

  • This shows all the events in the calendar and can be accessed locally.
  • It also helps to set notification.

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